Savor the Flavors of Monster Munchies

All Monster Munchies flavors come in a pack of 6, 12, or 36, Tray (36 pieces).
That's almost 4 pounds of brownies!!
Choose your flavors from below.

A cartoon of a yellow monster with horns.
Chocolate brownies covered with nuts and pretzels, sliced in half, on a white surface.

Carmel Me Nightmare

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A close up of some chocolate and nuts

Creepy Crazy Cookie Dough

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A brownie with chocolate frosting and gummy bears.

Crypt Keeper’s Gummy Yummy

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Spicy Feisty Monster Habanero brownies with crushed cookie topping served with orange habanero peppers.

Spicy Feisty Monster Habanero

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Two pieces of chocolate cake with white and brown toppings.

Cujo’s Monstrous Puppy Chow

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Two chocolate brownies with caramel drizzle and crumbled toppings on a white surface.

Frankenstein’s Morning Streusel Munch

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A close up of some brownies with green sprinkles

Green Goblin Mint

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A close up of some brownies on a table

Howling Good Maple Bacon

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A close up of two pieces of chocolate cake

Invasion Of The Smores

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